Pacific Test Equipment’s rental programs is designed for companies looking to avoid the costs of owning, repairing, and calibrating a single item or an entire lab of test and measurement equipment.

You may rent equipment for one month or for as long as a job requires.

We also automatically apply a percentage of rental payments toward the purchase price of all models — or the total amount when products are purchased within the first month.


Advantages of Test Equipment Rentals



·         Saves you time by providing calibrated equipment and
cost-effective solutions.


·         Avoids capital expense.


·         Helps to evaluate equipment before purchasing.


·         Protects against obsolescence.

·         Keep projects on schedule.


·         Avoid costs of ownership such as depreciation, interest, maintenance, and calibration.


·         Maintain the flexibility to rent newer models to keep up with technology design cycles


·         Cover downtime whenever owned equipment needs repair or calibration.


·         And much more…


Pacific Test Equipment carries a complete rental solution for all electronic industries.


Wheatear you are in the Communication, Defense, Industrial, Aerospace or other industry we are here to provide the equipment you need…


Contact us today for your rental needs…